• Hablamos Esapnol

    Accident Care Hillsboro on KUNPTV Univision

    Our very own, Dr. Matthew Hull, was recently on KUNPTV Univision. If you’re in the Hillsboro area & need some medical attention after an auto or work accident, make sure you call Accident Care Specialists for all your personal injury needs! Hablamos Espanol http://kunptv.com/health/lesiones-de-espalda

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  • Accident Care Chiropractic Halloween Costume Contest

    2016 Halloween Costume Contest

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  • Bridge City Insurance, Accident Care Chiropractic and massage

    Hispanicpros Summer Networking Event

    Accident Care + Bridge City Insurance + HispanicPros = A match made in Heaven!    

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  • 13781904_1240477945970750_8905445171755825186_n

    Pepe Aguilar

    Accident Care Specialists is the premier sponsor for the Pepe Aguilar concert at the Arlene Schnitzer, August 5th. 

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  • cat6

    Accident Care Specialists representing at the Blazer game!

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  • Come join the Hillsboro Accident Care family next week out in Cornelius, OR to celebrate Dia de los Ninos (Children's Day Celebration).

    2016 Dia de los Ninos (Children’s Day Celebration)

      Aztec Warrior Dancing   Aztec Warrior dancing   Come join the Hillsboro Accident Care family next week out in Cornelius, OR to celebrate Dia de los Ninos (Children’s Day Celebration). We are a proud sponsor of this annual event & will be handing out free gifts to everyone!

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  • Accident Care Chiropractic and Massage Gresham

    Gresham Grand Opening

    Please come join the Accident Care family & help celebrate the Grand Opening of our new Gresham clinic! We will be throwing a big BBQ for all who want to join!

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  • El Bronco, Univision, TV commercial

    Accident Care Commercials on Univision

    Please feel free to take the time and enjoy watching our commercials that air on Univision. Special thanks to our guest speaker and friend, El Bronco, our Director/Producer & Writer Mauricio, and to all the staff and friends who’ve helped in producing these commercials. Commercial with El Bronco at Accident Care Portland Accident Care Futbal/Soccer […]

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  • veronica-barusta

    Testimonials Veronica Barusta

    I was driving my car in the TV Highway when a small taxi hit the back of my car.  One hour after the accident I started to feel pain in my back and in my arm.  So, I assist to Centro Chiropractic Clinic, but I didn’t get relief.  Then the STATE FARM agent stop the […]

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  • doris-ruth-serrano

    Testimonials Doris Ruth Serrano

    I was driving back from Seattle to Oregon through the I5 when suddenly I feel a hard shock in the back of my car.  With the crash I lost consciousness.  When I wake up in the ambulance I start to feel severe pain in my neck and lower back.  My family took me to LONGVIEW […]

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  • juan-hernandez

    Testimonials José Hernández

    During the night of July 23, 2014 after I had cleaned the restaurant kitchen area where I work I had an accident. I slid after stepping on an area on the floor covered by oil. While I tried to prevent falling down I did an abrupt movement and I injured my neck and lower back.  I […]

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  • yordi-campa

    Testimonials Yordi Campa

    After a car accident some years ago and because of my injuries a friend recommended me to visit Accident Care Specialists.  The closest clinic was Beaverton where Dr.  Eric treated me during 8 months. He helped me a lot and was able to treat successfully my injuries in my lower back and neck. On September […]

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  • siemky-lim

    Testimonials Siemky Lim

    While I was driving down Highway 26 Eastbound, someone rear ended me while I was going about 20-25mph in moderate traffic. Shortly after my auto accident, I felt discomfort in my lower back & neck. I talked to my girlfriend about the accident and my injuries, and she recommended that I go see Accident Care […]

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  • testimonio-yesenia

    Testimonials Yesenia Cardona

    During December 16 of 2013, I was driving with my husband in the I5 road.  I was distracted reading in my mobile phone.  I remember that we were into a traffic jam, when a person in drugs and in a small car crash in the back bumper of our car. Our car is big and […]

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  • testimonio-guillermina

    Testimonials Guillermina Ramírez

    On July 31 of 2014, I was driving with my daughter in the Mill Plain Avenue.  I noticed in the mirror and before I took one of the exits, a car that was over the speed limit in direction to hit us.  In that moment, I tried to move my car but I was not […]

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  • testimonio-fidelia

    Testimonials Fidelia Hodgson

    My family and I were driving in the I5 road on September of this year (2014). The road was with slow traffic. Suddenly we were surprise when a truck hit our small car. In the moment of the accident I didn’t experiment pain, but 3 hours later I was not able to move freely my […]

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  • xiomara-garcia

    Testimonials Xiomara García

    In the beginning, we chose Accident Care Specialists because my son had continuous back pain. My husband and I started with the therapeutic massages because we had some bone problems related with fractures.  30 years ago I had a surgery about a low back scoliosis and I had a Harrington Rod. I don’t have good […]

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  • testimonials-amaia-rodriguez

    Testimonials Amaia Rodriguez

    Amaia my baby was born on July 20th. 2014. A month ago stop breast feeding from my left breast and started to cry when I put her in her position to sleep. First I thought that she was not hungry, perhaps my left breast smelled or tasted bad. The midwife suggested putting her in a […]

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  • daniel-huyhn

    Testimonials Daniel Huyhn

    Back in late 2013, I was rear-ended while driving in my automobile. The force of the auto accident caused me to experience pain up & down my back while also giving me serious headaches every day. After the accident, both my dad & friend recommended me to Accident Care Specialists. After just a few weeks […]

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  • thuy

    Testimonials Thuy Lieu Thi Tran

    After work, I was going to my home in my car.  A car ahead of me change suddenly from right to left and the car in front of me stopped, so when I stop to, the car behind me hit my car. A day after when I was calm I started to feel pain in […]

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